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Wednesday night socials at the Madison Avenue Pub


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Whether you're looking for some casual games, tournaments, lectures or just hanging out, you'll love the social environment Pub Chess has to offer.

Casual Play

Pub Chess is a friendly atmosphere welcome to anyone.
Heard about the game but never learned how to play? Come out to one of our events and we'll teach you!

Drinks Included

Whoever said chess and alchohol don't mix?
At Pub Chess drinking a few beers is encouraged! Your attendance fee gets you one free food/drink coupon on top of a great night.


If you're a competitive chess player we have what you're looking for too. We have an arena of weekly blitz, rapid and bug-house tournaments with many of Toronto's top chess players.


Most nights are primed with a complimentary chess lesson by an accomplished chess player. Keep an eye on our event announcements to see which guest lecturer is joining us next!


A social, exciting chess environment (yeah right)? See for yourself!

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Upcoming Events

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How much do you usually spend on a night out?

Special Events

$20.00 / night
  • Includes FREE Drink/Food Coupon**
  • Tournament Entry
  • Lecture
  • Casual Games
  • One-on-one Instruction*


$10.00 / night
  • Includes FREE Drink/Food Coupon**
  • Tournament Entry
  • Lecture
  • Casual Games
  • One-on-one Instruction*

Ladies Play Free

  • Tournament Entry
  • Lecture
  • Casual Games
  • One-on-one Instruction*
*Brief one-on-one instruction from a Pub Chess organizer offered upon request
**Drink ticket may be redeemed for any Madison Ave Pub menu item up to $5 in value on the same night ticket is received

Special events will include a special guest lecturer and/or tournament with prize eligibility. Follow our FB Page to get details regarding the events on Wednesdays.

The way one plays chess always reflects the player's personality. If something defines his character, then it will also define his way of playing.

Vladimir Kramnik


Come meet our friendly and experienced chess enthousiasts!

GM Justin McDonald

Director & Tech

Chess player, organizer and techy. Justin will take on any chess puzzle you give him. Not actually a grand master.

WNM Liza Orlova

Founder & Director

Liza is one of Canada's top female chess players. Between classroom lessons, private instruction, Pub Chess and other tournament events, she is an inspiring chess advocate and hopes to see more players embrace the game around the world.

GM Septi Popescu


Chess teacher, organizer and all-around strategy game natural. Also, not quite a grand master.

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